Where are your shirts printed? 

All of our tees are printed, set, packaged and shipped out from our home studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We work on a four-screen printing press and use a good old fashioned iron or our handy Cricut heat press to set the graphics on our tees. While it's time consuming, we set every single tee manually one at a time so that the inks absorb fully into the fabrics and won't fade with time. 

Who does the design work?

Nick Chase. He's the one-half of Blackhare who does all (or most of) the artsy stuff. Nick is a self-taught illustrator, photographer, and screenprinter who also happens to be an award-winning glass artist. Nick takes inspiration for his designs from anywhere and everywhere, though most of the images that make it to the final cut come from some element of nostalgia, some aspect of nature, or an appreciation of rich texture and details.  

Where are your shirts made? 

We have two primary wholesalers at this time. The first is US-based brand Bella and Canvas. Operating out of Los Angeles, Bella and Canvas is striving to increase sustainable practices in various ways. They use only Blue Sign certified dyes and efficient dye houses that align with the state of California’s EPA regulations around waste water treatment and usage. Their cutting facilities also run on partial solar power with comprehensive recycling programs for paper waste and fabric scraps. You can read more about them here.

We also use Next Level brand tees. Next Level operates in South America and holds manufacturers to a Workplace Code of Conduct as outlined here. Next Level has recently created new line of products created from 70% recycled materials, and when possible we source from this collection.

We are always on the hunt to move all of our lines to be 100% made in Canada. While there are many great Canadian clothing manufacturers, the market for resell wholesale is much smaller. We have tried out a number of Canadian made tees from various fabrics, but have returned to our two primary wholesalers for two reasons - the amazing fit and the unbeatable longevity of the tees.

Very often, fabrics stretch, lose shape, or pill after repeated washes. We've found this to be the case for a variety of the tees we've tested. While we believe that it is important from a social, economic, and environmental standpoint to source Canadian wherever possible, we also believe that a very important element to reducing apparel waste is the durability, wearability, and endurance of the fabric and the fit of a garment. Tees that stretch and lose shape, or have prints that fade, crack and peel off, are all too common. We strive to make tees that look and fit as great as the day they were purchased. (Aside - besides the fact that they're environmentally friendlier from a substance standpoint, one main reason we use water-based inks is because they'll never peel off!)

In fact, we chose our wholesalers because Nick bought one of their tees about a decade ago, and he loved it so much that as soon as we decided we were going to go into screenprinting, he sought them out. The tee still fits and he still wears it often. 

To all of our customers who are looking for the best of all worlds - durability, sustainability, and Canadian made - rest assured we share your values and your desire to have more ethically sound options as consumers. We are committed to remaining as transparent as possible about our products and processes while we keep searching for better ways of doing what we do in every aspect. As always, we're happy to answer questions and we welcome your input and concerns. 

Can I get a refund or exchange?

We offer free returns and exchanges for up to 4 weeks upon delivery date. Items for return or exchange must be unworn and undamaged

Refunds will be issued to the card used for initial payment upon receipt of the original item. 

To initiate your return, please click here. Returns can be processed at your local Canada Post office or just dropped off in a mailbox (if size allows!)

Why do processing times take 7-10 business days?

We try our best to get our items printed and shipped as quickly as possible. However, because we operate on a made-to-order system, our process takes a bit longer than if we had lots of inventory stocked and ready to package the moment an order is placed. Because of this model, there are times when we may need to wait for a wholesale order to get the needed size or colour of tee, or there may simply be a long cue of tees to print and we are doing our best to work through them! 

Also, because we are a very small family operation, there may be times when we are set back a day or two because a child is sick, or the workshop needs a repair, or there is an unexpected life event. Our longer processing time helps to ensure that we can still uphold our policies despite these kinds of interruptions. One way or another, we are committed to doing what we can to keep the printing going as smoothly and quickly as possible. And if we ever do find that we're at the 7 or 8 day processing time mark, Monica sends out a personal email letting the you know why your order is delayed and when you can expect it.