One of the most endearing features of Sackville, New Brunswick, are the old wooden barns that dot the landscape leading into town. They stand up beautifully against the flat horizon in the farmer's fields that stretch out in the distance, and I just can't help but take photos of them every time I drive by.

Many of the barns are abandoned and are eroding with time, but most are still standing strong and holding up against the elements quite well. 

Around them are beautiful farms and fields where cows roam around at will and crows gather in groups of two or three to fly along the wooden fence posts that separate the roads from the pastures. 

The scenery is among my favourite for taking pictures, and I've built up a good little collection of shots from along the rolling fields and roads that run to and from town and up against the borders of Nova Scotia.

 We've taken one of these landscape shots as the image for our Barn tea-towel. We've done a couple of larger-scale wall prints as custom requests as well. 


For the t-shirt graphic, we decided to go with a photo that had a structure at a bit of an angle for visual interest.



We haven't changed much about this image since we first started printing it, but one thing we did do was make the switch from the rustic orange to  gold ink for our roof.  It's definitely a keeper. 


We'll be launching a new Barn graphic tea towel very soon, so be on the lookout for some more rustic farm-inspired stuff!

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