From the lens to the screen to the fabric ... we love being able to capture images through photography to inspire designs for our prints!

One of our first and most loved designs is our Barn print

Dotting the landscape leading into the small town of Sackville, New Brunswick, are a handful of old barns that stand up beautifully against flat horizon. Sackville is the place where Nick grew up and where we all now live.

Many of the barns are abandoned and are eroding with time, though they still look quite stable. Around them are beautiful farms and fields where cows roam around at will and crows gather in groups of two or three to fly along the wooden fence posts that separate the roads from the pastures. 

The scenery is some of Nick's favourite for taking pictures, and he's built up a beautiful little collection of shots from along the rolling fields and roads that run to and from town and up against the borders of Nova Scotia.

 We've taken one of these shots as the image for our Barn t-shirt and tea-towel, and have done a couple of larger-scale wall prints as custom requests.
The Barn was one of our very first designs, and has been a consistent best seller over the years.