who we are

Blackhare is a partnership between Monica and Nick (who also happen to married). We take a lot of pride in our work and are very happy to be able to make products people love for a living every day. We do all of our design work and printing in our home studio in the small maritime town of Sackville, New Brunswick.

We are committed to small-scale production and to working on a made-to-order system that minimizes textile waste as much as physically possible. We use water-based inks rather than chemical plastisols because they are much gentler on the environment and create a longer lasting, higher quality print. Water-based inks also never crack or peel off like plastisol prints, which helps greatly extend the life of a tee. The quality and longevity of our shirts are vitally important to us and will always be a top priority.

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our tees

Because we're screenprinters and not manufacturers, we don't make our own apparel. Truthfully, it's this aspect of our business that presents the biggest challenge when it comes to fully integrating our business practices with our personal values. Finding a 100% Canadian wholesaler who offers a range of organic blends is our ultimate. But due to a number of factors, we haven't been able to find our dream tee yet.

But we have the next best thing!

Long before we become screen printers, Nick bought a concert tee that he wore at least three times a week for years. He loved that shirt. When we decided to launch Blackhare, we made it a priority to find that brand of tee - or one just like it - because it was so comfortable and kept its shape for so long.

Our main wholesale provider is US-based brand Bella and Canvas. Based out of Los Angeles, Bella and Canvas uses more sustainable manufacturing processes with Blue Sign certified dyes and efficient dye houses that align with the state of California’s EPA regulations around waste water treatment and usage. Their cutting facilities run on partial solar power with comprehensive recycling programs for paper waste and fabric scraps. Read more about them here.

Due to increasing stock shortages and delays, we also use Next Level brand tees. Next Level operates in South America and holds manufacturers to a Workplace Code of Conduct as outlined here. Next Level has recently created new line of products created from 70% recycled materials and when possible we source from this collection.

We are still currently sourcing a 100% made in Canada manufacturer. Alongside a much more restricted market, COVID-related delays and limitations has made finding a consistent supplier challenging. We will keep looking and hope to eventually shift to a full lineup of products that are not only printed by manufactured in Canada every step of the way. 

transparency in pricing

When it comes to pricing, we're following the lead of some of our favourite apparel businesses and making our process as transparent as possible to our customers. We're committed to keeping our prices affordable by keeping our markup well below even the basic industry standard.

doing things differently

We've also expanded our custom print services to include projects using repurposed or upcycled tees that you already have on hand rather than buying new ones. This means less new products in circulation and more access to custom projects because of the cost reduction.  

We’re committed to continually evolving and improving the way we do things to more fully embody our values and to contribute to the movement towards slow fashion and more sustainable and socially-responsible practices. If you have a project or idea that could help us live up to it in different ways, we’d love to connect with you!