We take a lot of pride in our work and are so happy to be able to make products people love for a living every day. We do all the design and printing in our home studio in Sackville, New Brunswick, a wonderfully supportive small maritime town that is full of talent of all kinds. 

When it comes to apparel, we make it a priority to print on the highest quality fabric with the most flattering fit for every body. We chose premium brand tees made from great feeling fabrics because all too often, fast-fashion brands and big custom printers use cheaper cottons and boxy styles that either fall apart easily or are worn once and then end up in a landfill. 

Yes, better quality fabrics and cuts typically means shirts may cost a few dollars more. But they also last much longer and get more use because they feel so good to wear and hold up to repeated washes without pilling or stretching out. We’ve had so many customers come back because they love the fit, feel, and durability of the tees, and it’s something we will always prioritize. 

When it comes to pricing, we're following the lead of some of our favourite apparel businesses and making our process as transparent as possible to our customers. We're committed to keeping our prices affordable by keeping our markup well below even the basic industry standard.

ethically made and sustainably sourced

As we’ve grown as a business, it's been important for us to reflect on our own processes and practices and to align them more with our own personal values. Truthfully, it's been a bit of struggle to find a good quality and great fitting shirt that is also still affordable AND meets the standards we’d like to set for ourselves in terms of social and environmental responsibility. 

But we’ve finally done it! We’re in the midst of shifting all of our gear to two stellar brands: Canadian-made wholesalers Jerico, and the US-based brand Bella and Canvas

Jerico brand tees are 100% Canadian-made, created from a super cozy and breathable blend of bamboo and organic cotton. You can read more about their manufacturing processes here. Bella and Canvas is a US-based business with a 100% no-sweatshop policy. They also prioritize eco-friendly and local production processes. Read more about them here.

doing things differently

We've also expanded our custom print services to include projects using repurposed or upcycled tees that you already have on hand rather than buying new ones. This means less new products in circulation and more access to custom projects because of the cost reduction.  

We’re committed to continually evolving and improving the way we do things to more fully embody our values and to contribute to the movement towards slow fashion and more sustainable and socially-responsible practices. If you have a project or idea that could help us live up to it in different ways, we’d love to connect with you!